Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000 Examples

All examples here designed for and optimized for customers of BigBiz Internet Services, the leader in FrontPage-based Web Hosting.

New User? WB01345_.gif (616 bytes)Example of creating and publishing for the first time.

WB01345_.gif (616 bytes)Modifying your web (Local + Publish method)

WB01345_.gif (616 bytes)Modifying your web (Remote method)

WB01345_.gif (616 bytes)Creating an Email results Form

WB01345_.gif (616 bytes)Password Protecting part of your web site

WB01345_.gif (616 bytes)Splitting a web into 2 smaller webs

WB01345_.gif (616 bytes)Advanced: using forms.cgi: an all-in-1 script

WB01372_.gif (406 bytes)Put your FrontPage Web Site online - sign up for a web hosting account now.

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