Changing your web site - Local method

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In this example we show how you can make modifications to your web site.  For the local method you make your modifications on your own computer.  This lets you make changes without being connected to the Internet.  Later when you are satisfied with all your changes, you can republish the web site to the server.  This way you always keep a copy of your updated web site on your own computer, which serves as a great backup.

In our example we will change the wording on one of the pages and then republish.

Make your changes locally

1. Select the file you wish to modify by double clicking on its icon.
selectpage.gif (10186 bytes)

2. This will open the FrontPage® editor with that page.  Find the place you want to modify.
EDIT1.GIF (26589 bytes)

3. Make your modifications
EDIT2.GIF (14868 bytes)

4. Then close the editor with the menu File/Close.
SAVE1.GIF (6715 bytes)

5. FrontPage will ask you if you want to save changes, answer Yes.
SAVE2.GIF (2649 bytes)

At this point your local copy of your web site is updated

Re-Publishing your web site (uploading your changes to the server)

1. Click on the Publish icon to republish it to the server.  Make sure you check the box publish changed pages only, this will speed up the publish if you only made a few changes.
PUBLISH.GIF (8094 bytes)

2. The server may ask you to login, enter the userid and password you used when you first published the web.
LOGIN.GIF (4563 bytes)

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