Setting up an E-Mail Form

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In this tutorial we show you how you can set up a form on your web site that submits its results by e-mail.  We wont show you the form design (you can find out more about that from the Microsoft manuals), we assume you already have a form and want to change its properties so it emails the results.

1. Open your form in the FrontPage® Editor, find the submit button.  Right click on the submit button to expose menu, select Properties...  When the dialog box opens select Form...
SEL_FORM.GIF (4318 bytes)

2. In the form properties dialog box, enter the email address of the recipient of the results.  Then click on Options to set additional Options (required).
TOEMAIL.GIF (6727 bytes)

3.  Go to the E-mail Results tab and enter an appropriate Subject.   The Reply-to Line must be filled in and must be a email address in your domain, this is where the From address of the email will be set to.  Important: If you dont set a valid Reply-To, the email will be rejected by our system.   Make sure the Form Field Name boxes are not checked.  OK.
fromemail.gif (8517 bytes)

4.  OK again to close the Form Properties box.
DONE.GIF (6393 bytes)

5. OK again to close the Submit Button properties box.
DONE2.GIF (4336 bytes)

6. You may get a warning message claiming the server extensions have not been configured to send email, and that is probably true if you are editing a form locally.   This is because most users have not configured email servers on their own computer.   Don't worry about the warning, when the form is published to our server the email functionality will work.  Click on No to ignore the warning.
localwarn.gif (4741 bytes)

7. Close the form, the Editor may ask you if you want to save changes, say Yes.
DONE3.GIF (2855 bytes)

Then publish your changes to the server, and test the form to make sure it sends e-mail.

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