Uploading your Web Site for the First Time.

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This example shows how to upload a new web for the first time to your site.  We assume you already have a web designed using FrontPage® and is published to your hard disk (if you dont know how to do this then please consult the Microsoft manuals).

In our example the machine we are using is called guppy, and we are publishing to the web site http://www.test1.com.  Your machine name and web address will be different.  In our example we are using a simple company web site with 3 products that was generated from a built-in wizard in FrontPage.

Rename the home page to index.html

It is important that the home page (the page thats opened when a user goes to your web site for the first time) be named index.html.  It must exactly be index.html, not index.htm, and not Index.html.  In our case the FrontPage wizard named the home page Default.htm, so the first step is to rename it.

1. In folder view, select the home page.
sel_index.gif (16977 bytes)

2. Click it with the right mouse button to expose the menu, use Rename.
 sel_rename.gif (2969 bytes)

3. type index.html (exactly, all lowercase letters)
RENAME.GIF (2463 bytes)

4. A dialog box may appear asking you if you want hyperlinks updated, say Yes.
rename_dialog.gif (3660 bytes)


Publishing your FrontPage web

Now your site is ready to publish online, make sure your internet connection is on, this may require you to make a connection twith your modem.  If the FrontPage explorer is opened before you make your internet connection, then you may have to close it and reopen it AFTER the internet connection is active.

1. Use the menu item File/Publish FrontPage Web
PUBLISH1.GIF (7099 bytes)

2 in the dialog box, select More Webs.  Make sure the "publish changed pages only" is not checked when you publish the web for the first time (you would check this is you update your web afterwards).
PUBLISH2.GIF (4093 bytes)

3. type in your web address (http://www.yourdomain.com), make sure the SSL checkbox is not checked.
PUBLISH3.GIF (5590 bytes)

4. The server will ask your userid and password.  The userid is assigned by us when you open your account.  Normally we set it to your domain name without the .com.   The password is whatever you specified on your order form for Administrative password.
LOGIN.GIF (4563 bytes)

5. If the server asks you if you want to overwrite existing files, answer Yes to All.  The server is simply asking you if you want to replace our "under construction" page with your web site.
overwrite.gif (3985 bytes)

6. During publishing the lower left corner will display the progress and then tell you when its done.
intermed1.gif (2220 bytes)

publishing.gif (3340 bytes)

7. Near the end of publishing, FrontPage will do a "processing web updates", this operation may take up to several minutes for large web sites so be patient.
intermed2.gif (2163 bytes)

published.gif (2539 bytes)

After FrontPage finished publishing, your web site is ready to show the world.   You should be able to see it with your web browser now.  Make sure you hit a "reload"  or "shift-reload" to pick up the latest web site with your browser.

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