Changing your Web Site - Remote Method

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In this example we show how you can make modifications to your web site.  For the remote method you make your modifications directly on the server.  This makes it an easy 1 step process of changing your web pages, you do not need to publish.  This is very handy if you just want to make a quick change or two.

In our example we will change the wording on one of the pages.

Open the remote web site

The first step is to open the remote (server side) web using FrontPage®, once opened you can make changes and they will appear immediately on the server.

1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet before you launch FrontPage explorer.   When you lauch FrontPage it will ask you which web to open.  Select Open an Existing FrontPage Web then click on More Webs...
MOREWEBS.GIF (5786 bytes)

2. Type in the address of your server ( and click on List Webs.
LISTWEBS.GIF (5249 bytes)

3. Select the web you want to open (in our case it is the opening web <Root Web>), then OK.
openremote.gif (5560 bytes)

4. The server may ask your for your userid and password - enter the same ones you did for publishing.  When the web is opened, the FrontPage explorer will display its contents similar to when you have a local web opened.  However the remote web is opened, and any changes you make will instantaneously publish to the server.

Modifying the Web Page

You would edit your page just as if you were editing the local pages.  Note that bringing over the files to edit, and saving them may take longer than you are normally used to - thats because FrontPage is transferring the files to and from the server.

1. Double click on the page you want to edit
selectpage.gif (8979 bytes)

2. The FrontPage editor brings up the page, select the area you want to make the changes to.
EDIT1.GIF (26210 bytes)

3. Make the changes.
EDIT2.GIF (14868 bytes)

4. Close the file in the editor, the changes will be saved directly to the server.
SAVE1.GIF (6715 bytes)

5. FrontPage may ask you if you want to save the changes you just made, say Yes.   FrontPage will save the changes directly to the server.
SAVE2.GIF (2649 bytes)

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