Password Protecting part of your Web Site.

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In this tutorial we will show you how to create a FrontPage® subweb in your domain where users need to log in to view its contents.  In our example we will place secret material on but leave open the main site   The main flow is you will publish the secret web as you normally do, however you have to open the remote secret web and use the permission tool to enter userids and passwords for access.  In our case we will add users john and mark.

Creating the secret web

1. Create a web on your computer whose contents are to be protected on the server.   Just as with any other web, make sure the home page is called index.html.
folderview.gif (8757 bytes)

2. Publish it to the server as a new web, use the menu File/Publish FrontPage Web
PUBLISH1.GIF (4617 bytes)

3. Specify the location as the location of your secret web, then OK
PUBLISH3.gif (5702 bytes)

Re-open the remote web

Once the web is published, go back into the FrontPage explorer and open the remote web so we can do some changes to the permissions settings.

1. Use the menu File / Open FrontPage Web...
OPENWEB.GIF (6174 bytes)

2. Click on More Webs...
MOREWEBS.GIF (5786 bytes)

3. Specify your domain name and List Webs
LISTWEBS.GIF (5249 bytes)

4. This will list all your webs, select the secret one.
OPENWEB2.GIF (5550 bytes)

5. The secret web (remote) will be opened in your FrontPage explorer.
OPENING.GIF (2198 bytes)

6. Make double sure this is the web you want to change permissions for, in folder view check the title bar and the toplevel folder.  You dont want to make a mistake and change the permissions on your <Root Web> or other webs because that will lock out users from visiting your site.
VERIFY.GIF (10112 bytes)

Changing Permissions

We use the FrontPage's built in Permission tool to make the secret web protected, then add users and passwords.  This is all done while you have the remote web opened.   Note: changing permissions on the local web has no effect on the remote web, even after publishing.  The only way to set permissions is when you have the remote web opened.

1. Use the menu Tools / Permissions...
tools_perms.gif (8624 bytes)

2. In the Settings tab, Check the box Use unique permissions for this web, then Apply.
setunique.gif (7334 bytes)

3. In the Users tab, check Only registered users have browse access, then Apply.
REGUSERS.GIF (6398 bytes)

4. click on Add... to add a user
ADDUSER1.GIF (6126 bytes)

5. Add a user (in our example john), and the password (twice).  Check the Browse this web permission, then OK.
ADDJOHN.GIF (5292 bytes)

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for as many users as you want to configure.  Then check OK when you're done.
DONE.GIF (6340 bytes)

Thats it!  Now you can test the new permissions by pointing your web browser at your secret web, it should not let you go into the web site unless you enter a valid userid and password.

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